LED lighting industry boom this year?



Every sign shows that China's economy has entered a "new normal". Although the rate of economic growth is still in the leading position in the emerging economies, the growth rate has begun to decline year by year. In 2014, China's economy grew by 7.4%, the lowest in 24 years. Affected by this, in 2015, is China's lighting industry boom going up or down? Let's go and see.

In 2015, real estate turmoil accelerated the industry shuffle?

Real estate practitioners predict that from 2015, the next three years will be a period of adjustment in the real estate market. After adjustment, real estate will usher in a new pattern. Then, will the real estate industry speed up the shuffling in 2015? What impact will it bring to the lighting industry?

Zou Hui, director of the new tri market department: under the pressure of "going to stock", in 2015, the real estate market in the first and second tier cities will not recover substantially, and the real estate market supply and demand structure will not change substantially. Undoubtedly, with the accelerated pace of urbanization in the three or four line city, the real estate market of the three or four line cities is beginning to be shuffled, the real estate market is growing steadily. For the lighting industry, this will be a huge cake. Therefore, the channel competition for lighting enterprises will become more and more fierce.

Sun Rijiang, director of the interior trade department of Meagan lighting: the lighting industry has entered the LED era. After several years of introduction and replacement, the industry has no doubt entered the stage of low growth or negative growth. As the related industry of the real estate industry, in 2015, if the new state property new deal could not quickly change the current situation, the lighting industry would enter the irritating "glue period" or "ice seal period".

In 2015, lighting industry entered the pattern of "Oligarchic Competition"?

With the State General Administration of quality inspection (QSIQ) issued the 3C certification examination of LED lighting products since September 1, 2015, it is undoubtedly a "frost" for the lighting enterprises that rely on low price and low quality to open the market situation. Will more and more stringent market competition lead the lighting industry to enter the "Oligarchic Competition" pattern in advance in 2015?

Lin Jiliang, general manager of the marketing center of wood: 2015, the biggest change in the lighting industry is flattening, the three big traditional lighting enterprises and even more enterprises in China will become even more flat in 2015. The monopoly or monopoly of the oligopoly brand in the era of semiconductor lighting does not exist, the era of semiconductor lighting industry has more possibilities, which means that it is not likely to form oligopolies, but should be diverse.

Li Quan, manager of the brand management center of three male and Aurora: the Chinese lighting industry is not likely to form a "Oligarchy Competition" pattern in 2015 even for quite a long time. Because the threshold of the lighting industry is not high, and the Chinese market is very large, the demand level is many, the purchase model is complex, and the enterprises have the market opportunities for their own size. However, in the next few years, the number of enterprises is decreasing gradually. The rapid expansion of a few large enterprises, the stronger leading position and the greater power of discourse are the inevitable trend.

The "Matthew effect" in the lighting industry has already appeared?

"Matthew effect" refers to the weaker Yu Qiang, the weaker, the better, the worse, the more and less, the less one, which is contrary to "the way of balance", and is similar to the "28 law". Then, in the 2015 when the economy enters the new normal, will there be "Matthew effect" in the lighting industry?

Chen Wenji, director of FSL LED business department: 2015, the lighting industry shuffle accelerated, 20% of the enterprises will collapse in this wave of shuffling, at the same time, the lighting industry will appear "big people Hengda, strong strong" situation. In the industry "brand Pyramid", several enterprises in the "tower tip" will be more powerful, and the medium-sized enterprises in the "tower body" will have violent changes. The small enterprises in the "tower base" will choose to survive first and develop second.

Liu Kefeng, vice president of lighting joint-stock and product: in 2015, new technology, new business model, new business opportunity, for all lighting enterprises, the opportunity is equal, the key is to see how the enterprise grasp. In 2015, the competition in the big circulation field is becoming more and more intense, and the price of products has slowed down. Under this background, some excellent enterprises will emerge in the industry.

Shanghai green source vice president Luo Quanxing: from 2015 to the next few years, the number of lighting enterprises will gradually decrease, a few large enterprises have expanded rapidly, and the situation of "stronger people" will appear.

Concluding remarks

"Confidence is more important than gold". In 2015, the lighting industry boom degree geometry? It's still in the sound of controversy. As a whole, the steady upward trend of the lighting industry will be irreversible, but for individual lighting enterprises, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, the cold winter market will be more than ever, and the discourse power of the market will still be handed over to those of the strength enterprises.

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